Mobile-Friendly Designs And Why You MUST Have One

  • September 24, 2015
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More Users Search From Their Mobile Devices Than Anywhere Else

Google made a shocking announcement a few months ago…searches from mobile devices have surpassed those from desktops and laptops!

You can obviously see why it would be important for you to have a mobile-friendly website given this new information. If the search volume increase didn’t convince you maybe this statistic will — there are now more people in the world that own a mobile device than there are people that own a toothbrush!

Perhaps that still hasn’t convinced you and you think I’m quoting statistics from unreliable sources with crazy ways to skew the results. Let’s see how you feel after you hear the following news.

Google Released A Search Engine Update Called Mobilegeddon!

On April 21, 2015, Google rolled out their new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that is designed to give mobile-friendly pages more authority and increase their search engine rankings.

This means that any website that is NOT mobile responsive will see their rankings drop and subsequently it will be much harder for new websites that are not mobile ready to rank as well. It is now essential for every website on the world wide web to have some kind of mobile version of their site if they want to be found in the search results.

If you an unsure if your website is mobile-friendly Google has released a tool to test your site. This Mobile-Friendly Test will tell you if your website is mobile responsive and which pages in particular are or are not. If you operate a website of any kind it is now imperative that you have a mobile version.

Improve User Engagement And Boost Sales With Mobile Responsive Designs

Just having a website use to give you a huge advantage over your competition, but now everyone and their mother has a website. If you and your brand want to stand out from the crowd a mobile-friendly site is a crucial piece to that puzzle.

Did you know that over 90% of small business do NOT have a mobile compatible website? This means that these businesses are losing out on a huge opportunity to capture the eyes of mobile searchers. Did you you also know that 4 out of 5 consumers use a smartphone for shopping and searching for service providers? These statistics are courtesy of SCORE, a nonprofit small business mentor supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

SCORE also states that 73% of these mobile searches result in phone calls, sales, visits to a store, or sharing of the information they discovered. So if over half of the people searching for the product or service you offer are doing so from a mobile device and your website isn’t optimized for them you’re missing out on the highest converting audience on the internet!

But just having a mobile responsive design is not enough! You need to have features designed to capture and convert those mobile visitors into potential customers. Whether it’s a call to action that encourages them to submit their phone number to receive discounts and special offers via text message or a click-to-call button allowing them to easily initiate a call with a single click, it must be easy and natural for these users to interact with your brand.

I could keep throwing more statistics at you and all of the reasons why your brand and/or business need a mobile-friendly website, but I think I’ve made my point abundantly clear. In the end it all boils down to making more money and if you want to accomplish that you have to stay 2 steps ahead of your competition. If you’re a small business owner take advantage of the disproportionately high number of businesses lacking a mobile ready design and increase your online presence, boost your traffic, and ultimately generate more revenue with a professionally designed mobile responsive website from Ranking Consultant.


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