Paid Traffic with SEO Agency

Do you Need Paid Traffic with SEO Agency?

In the plot of a successful SEO campaign, organic traffic is not the only source: you can also pay for traffic through multiple sources. Digital marketing campaigns in 2021 are incomplete without a provision for paid traffic through a highly valued source.

Moreover, a statistic reported that website visitors who visit your site through a pay-per-click (PPC) source are 50% more likely to purchase than organic sources. Is that not a whopping conversion rate? In other words, paid traffic sources can become your gold mine.

While not all traffic sources are equal in setting up and conversion, we can’t arrive at the expected results without deliberately choosing the best. Meanwhile, unless these traffic sources can reach the desired audience, it is not worth the time and effort you input.

Therefore, let us consider the primary reasons why you should consider paid traffic sources in addition to organic traffic sources.

Why do you need Paid traffic sources?

Standard options for paid traffic sources include the use of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or YouTube. These methods have proven to be the most effective over the years and also have specific attributes. Meanwhile, the goal is to reach particular searchers looking for specific products and services with particular words. If you want to hire an SEO Agency in Australia for managing your paid traffic no one can beat the services of, they are the best in the area.

Below are important reasons why you should use paid traffic sources.

Paid traffic sources help to maximize your reach

Paid traffic sources do not in any way suggest that we can no longer depend on organic traffic. However, it implies that you can take advantage of other options apart from the organic search traffic. For example, according to AdExpresso, an average post on Facebook only has an organic reach of 5.2% of the total likes.

By implication, if you have up to 1000 likes on your Facebook and make a post, it can only reach 52 people by organic reach. On the other hand, if you depend on Google organic search ranking, you can only get 75% of all clicks in the first three positions. Otherwise, you must grapple with the trickles that reach the other items in the SERPs.

However, a paid traffic source allows you to reach as many people as you can afford. Both Google and Facebook will enable you to send your post to even your entire audience. In other words, you can harness the enormous pool of internet users on these platforms. Now, you can tap into the billions of users on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Paid traffic sources

Tailored focus on your target audience

Another advantage of a paid traffic source is that it allows you to create a laser focus of your targeting during campaigns. In other words, your SEO agency does not have to launch a campaign for a broad faceless audience. However, they can now target a specific audience with specific age, time, location, and other attributes. learn more about choosing the right SEO Agency by clicking here

Instead of hoping that the right audience gets your post in organic traffic, paid traffic allows you to reach the specific people you need. For instance, if you need to contact SEO agencies in Sydney, you must specify the city to target and other likely attributes. You may even target people using a particular device or already searching for a specific keyword.

Furthermore, the use of paid traffic is a great way to lead your buyer through a journey until they take the necessary action. At the same time, these platforms can work for both new and existing customers by retargeting them. In other words, you can reach a new set of audiences or send relevant posts to those who already showed interest in your product or service.

Quick to produce results

The paid traffic channels are usually way faster than the organic traffic sources. On the one hand, the organic traffic sources can take between 4 to 6 months before getting results. However, the paid traffic can get you your target results almost instantly and run for a designated period. Similarly, building a loyal and relevant following takes a reasonable time.

On the other hand, most digital marketers don’t have that much time to get the results of their campaign strategies. Therefore, Top rate SEO agency will show its competence by turning to a paid traffic campaign that can bring almost instant results. At the same time, setting up a paid traffic channel can be fast and easy if you know what to do. SEO agencies can tap into paid traffic for instant results.

Results are traceable, measurable, and transparent

When using a paid traffic source such as a cost-per-click plan, you can also take advantage of the nature of results and values. It is much easier to get measurable results from paid traffic than from organic sources. More importantly, paid traffic channels to make your campaign more successful and prioritize

Consequently, the SEO agency can then determine which of the paid traffic sources has the highest conversion. Then, you can intensify your efforts on the most productive ones and ignore the rest. You will not have to pursue your initial traffic source at the end of a paid traffic campaign but only the most productive ones.

Best Paid Traffic Sources

How to get the best results from a paid traffic source

Since paid traffic sources require investing reasonable capital to reach the desired audience, there is a need to spend wisely. Similarly, it would help to learn how to get the best results from your efforts rather than waiting on chances to make things work. Below are some of the curial steps to getting the best results from paid traffic sources.

Define your target audience

Already, we have shown that a paid traffic source allows you to target the audience. Therefore, it is wise to learn more about that audience before targeting them. Who is your typical audience? What do they like? More so, what is their age range? Where are they mainly found? What is their income, and how much can they afford?

How do they spend their time?

One of the essential attributes of your audience you must learn is how they spend their time online. Which of the social media platforms has the highest population of your audience? For instance, can you communicate your idea through text, or do you need image captions? Will you prefer to make videos to target them, or will images do?

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