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10 Most Important Tasks of a Top SEO Agency

Important Tasks of a Top SEO Agency

Knowing what a search engine optimisation agency should be accountable for is one of the problems of working with one. The best SEO agency in Australia should deliver these essential services depending on the contract’s scope.

Always Consider things from the standpoint of SEO. Unless you specifically narrowed the scope of your company’s contract, you should expect the SEO agency to offer an SEO perspective on whatever topic you make or task you’ve assigned. If it’s a complicated task, the SEO agency may require some time to respond to the task, but they shouldn’t refuse the request. Furthermore, you should not have to wait for a regular meeting to have a quick talk or receive responses; as the communication channel should be active and open.

Provide a performance report.

Provide a performance report

Regardless of how closely you’ve worked with your local SEO service, it should report on what has been proposed and done, as well as the impact of the advice and plans for the following month, on a monthly basis. This gives your management an excellent presentation to track progress, as well as an important timetable of events.

Establish links

Building quality links through relevant sites is still a foundation of a successful SEO strategy, despite the fact that it occasionally receives a poor rap for numerous reasons. Top SEO services in Australia can assist you in identifying prospects for link acquisition from relevant industry sites, reputable directories, and other sources. The goal is to drive traffic from these sites by working to ensure that the link leads toward something relevant.

Links also serve as SEO signals, with the fundamental idea that a web page with a large number of link-building from high-quality, respected platforms must be of great quality. While search engines keep the inner workings of their ranking algorithms under wraps, good connections have traditionally been associated with higher ranks.

Be your first responder in an emergency.

Be your first responder in an emergency

An SEO company should function as an extension of your company. If you have to place things on pause due to a crisis, your SEO agency should do the same, with a reprioritization of timelines for current projects.

Get You Notified When There’s Something New in The World of SEO.

When there is an algorithm update, Your SEO company should be able to inform you. Your SEO agency should notify you when a new search engine result feature becomes available that you can use.

Perform Additional Technical SEO Tasks.

Technical SEO modifications fine-tune the way your site functions, making it quick and readable on all platforms. An SEO service will look at items like these, which are all ranking criteria currently, which means if they’re done, your site will rank higher:

  • Responsive content: ensuring that it renders appropriately.
  • Site performance, as well as initiatives to improve page load times on all devices
  • Ensure SSL certificate: This is a secure connection that helps secure the activities of the customers when browsing the internet, and sites that do not have it – particularly in cases where customers may spend money – will be at serious risk.

If your SEO company (whether they are a local SEO agency or any of the supposedly top SEO agencies in Australia) doesn’t handle any of the above, it’s possible that they don’t haven’t grasp of technical SEO or ranking variables.

Make a content strategy recommendation.

Your organic search performance is heavily influenced by your content strategy. Your SEO agency may not be in charge of creating content for your website, but it should have strong opinions on the approach. The behavior of search trends, natural search visitors, and the design of your site should all be used to produce fresh content ideas. To guarantee that the material is conceived and developed properly, the SEO agency should have input.

Make fresh content

Make fresh content

This comprises both internal and external content on the website (commercial pages, informational pages, blog articles, and so on) and others such as articles, guest posts, and thought leadership pieces. Different industry voices value guest posting and other community engagement content initiatives differently, but it all depends on your objectives as well as which actions are most suited to attaining them.

Content will be generated in accordance with industry trends and issues, and keyword research will be used to influence this process. Text-based material has traditionally made up the majority of SEO content, however, other forms such as audio, video, and infographics may also be used. If you don’t think an SEO company is writing in your voice, give them a call.

Be Vigilant on Brand Mentions.

To take advantage of any natural coverage, SEO services companies may set up alerts for your brand and related phrases. This might be as easy as requesting a link from an article that mentions your brand but does not link to it, or as complex as attempting to delete critical, libelous information.

The latter shifts to reputation management, which is generally a separate business from SEO, but there is some overlap. This is also a good approach to keep their fingers on the pulse and improve their awareness of your company’s web presence and placement.

Inquire about a SEO agency’s monitoring capabilities if they don’t notice bad comments about your brand before you do.

Keep Track of The Outcomes.

To be effective, SEO requires ongoing attentiveness. Google’s algorithms are updated on a regular basis, rivals’ rankings fluctuate based on their marketing efforts, and your company will produce collateral that has to be optimised and included in your overall SEO plan.

To track traffic, rankings, user journeys, engagement, and conversions, an seo agency use a variety of tools and strategies. This monitoring has two purposes: first, it determines if current work is producing the desired results, and second, it gives information that may be used to improve future work effectiveness.

SEO isn’t a matter of setting it and forgetting it: if your company doesn’t keep you updated on the status of their efforts, find out why.


To be effective, all of the aforementioned require active outreach: It is necessary to advertise the contents that have been developed, Link building must be arranged through contact with someone at the target website or platform, and may even be hosted on other websites.

An SEO service company may do outreach on your behalf to promote and establish links to the content they have created. If this is the case, find out if they will act on behalf of your company or as your company. If it’s the former, make sure you’re satisfied with their grasp of your brand’s tone and rules.

If your local SEO agency refuses to disclose its outreach goals when requested, it’s possible that they’re going to contact low-quality, irrelevant websites. You might seek the assistance of another top SEO company in Australia.

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